Together with Mainalo Fir Honey are the most "Tasty" fir honey in our country! It is collected in the Parnona fir forest of southeastern Arcadia at altitudes of more than 800 meters, in steep mountains, and in a completely unspoilt environment. The only thing that jealous of Eleni Menalo honey is is its gorgeous white color with golden highlights.

Fir Tree honey belongs to the category of honeybees and is collected from granules & aphids that parasitize the Greek species of Elati and produce honeycomb secretions exploited by the bees. The most important of these is the granular Phemicryphus which parasitizes the Cephalonian fir which covers large areas south of Mount Olympus, Evritania, Pertouli, Karpenisi in Taygetos, Arcadia (Mount Parnilos & Mount Parnassos) & Mount Athos elsewhere.

It is collected in the virgin spruce of Parnonas in the Southeast of the prefecture of Arcadia at altitudes of 800-1300 meters, in early summer (June to July). It is of excellent quality, extremely dense and never crystallizes due to its low glucose content. It is rich in trace elements (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron) and helps in better absorption of sugars by the human body.

Data table

TYPES of Fir Parnona Honey


COLOR Light Red

TASTE A little sweet

FLAVOR Very light fragrance

Crystallization Does not crystallize

AREA Mount Parnonas Arcadia

PERIOD June - July

Tasty Suggestions:

You are served with white cheeses.

Put it in Sage or Sage decoction with Mountain Tea.