The famous Fir Tree Honey is probably the rarest & tasty honey in our country! It is collected in the meadows of Mainalo in central Peloponnese with altitudes above 1000 meters. A unique honey look that looks like something between a pearl and vanilla, with a creamy texture of fluidity and taste!

Mainalo Vanilla Fir Tree Honey is the only Greek Honey with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). It is produced from the black firs of Mount Mainalo in Arcadia and is a renowned product for its taste and low sugar concentration. It is light in color and reminds of something between pearl and vanilla. This honey is not harvested from the flowers but from a honeycomb produced by some micro-organisms on the trunk of the black fir. Another unique feature is that due to its low glucose content, it crystallizes very hard to none. Honey is extremely difficult to export, so its production is very small and periodic throughout the years. Plenty of beekeepers from the surrounding areas plant beehives in Mainalo but production is still low. It is one of the treasures of Greek nature

Data table

TYPES of Mainal Fir Tree Honey



TASTE A little sweet

FLAVOR Very light fragrance

Crystallization Does not crystallize

AREA Mount Mainalo Arcadia

PERIOD June - July

Tasty Suggestions:

You are served with white cheeses.

Put it in Sage or Sage decoction with Mountain Tea.