Greek Coffee Recipes


ellinikos kafes – Greek mocha coffee


There are three different ways of preparing mocha coffee: sketos (bitter), metrio(medium-sweet), and glikos (sweet). A varies ghlykos (strorng and sweet) or a ghlykis vrastos (sweet and boiled) can also be ordered. In case a double proportion is needed, then the order should be a ellinikos diplos (double).



Greek coffee
Makes 1 serving


1 tablespoon of extra finely ground coffee beans
Sugar (optional)
1 cup of water


o make one cup of mocha coffee you need one teaspoonful of very finely ground coffee beans. Add sugar to taste, then a cup of water, and slowly bring it all to a boil in a special little longhaldled pot, before carefully pouring the coffee into the cup. In days gone by, it was placed in glowing embers to heat up. The coffee sediment must then be given time to settle at the bottom of the cup, a period of waiting which can be filled with cookies and sweet confectionery.




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